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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The best way to learn English. English Grammar Handbook!

*• Grammar In Use
  - Active Or Passive Voice, Adjectives, Adverbs;
  - Articles, Auxiliary Verbs, Conditionals, Conjunctions, Determiners;
  - Idioms, Interjections, Introduction, Nouns, Phrases, Prepositions;
  - Pronouns, Quantifiers, Question Tags, Reported Speech, Tenses, Verbs.

*• Grammar Tenses
  - Present Tense
  - Past Tense
  - Future Tense

*• Grammar Test - Practice test*
  - Many question about Grammar in Use: Active Or Passive Voice, Adjectives, Adverbs ...

*• Tenses Quiz - English tenses test*
  - Many question about grammar tenses: Present, past and future tense.

*• Vocabulary
 - Many common word, list confused words

*• Speaking English
 - Some tips, preparation for speaking

*• Reading Comprehension
 - Many passages and question to practice

*• Writing English skills

*• English videos: Many videos for learn english

*• English Grammar Test
 - English Quiz
 - Over 5000 English grammar test questions